Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guilin RC Dramatic Makeup & Hairstyling Competition 2012

When I heard that Bukit Gombak Guilin RC is organising a Dramatic Makeup, I decided to offer assistance in helping promote the event to fellow Makeup Artists in Singapore. Afterall, there are almost no such opportunity for Makeup Artists, especially the junior ones, to shine. There are competitions organised by Makeup Schools, but they are all meant for their current or ex-students only. 

So, instead of just focusing on Makeup Artists in the west, the competition becomes open to Makeup Artists islandwide but subject to those with less than 2 years full-time makeup artist experience. So I came out with the Poster -  a dramatic one to entice promising Makeup Artists to come and participate. So as to be neutral, I did not use any photographs from my portfolio - rather, I purchase a stock image online for this poster.

Rigo Foong, the coordinator for this event then invited me to be one of the three judges for this competition. I was deeply honoured by this invitation. 

Host for the event was Ms Low Yen Ling, Adviser to Bukit Gombak GROs and MP for Chua Chu Kang GRC.

14 participants were shortlisted to participate in this LIVE competition. Most were from Makeup schools all over Singapore. They were each given 3 hours to create a dramatic look on their model. While the MUAs were busy with their work, as the judges, we walked around to evaluate their performance. The participants were judged based on hygiene / cleanliness (5 marks), reflection of theme (15 marks), design (15marks), application technique (15 marks), hair design (10 marks) and overall styling (15 marks). As a judge, I would say it is tough to award marks on design as most of the participants did really well on this. However one of the factor that some lose out is hygiene / cleanliness. The sight of dirty brushes and brush pouch really turn me off. So, MUAs - if you need to place sponges on the table, please remember to line it with a tissue or paper towel. Another factor that makes some of the MUAs score less is also originality. I spotted a few copying artworks from others that I have seen online. With all these taken into consideration, we then came to an agreement on the winning 3. So, the award was given to:

1st Prize: MUA: Shradha Agarwal; Model: Femina Chaudhry
2nd Prize: MUA: Fizah Saujana; Model: Zarifah Jean Grey 
3rd Prize: MUA: Valerie Lim; Model: Jojo Joanne

Overall, I would say all the Makeup Artists who participated did a fantastic job for making the competition so exciting. Hopefully this event will be organised again in year 2014. 

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