Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Special Effects Makeup - Featured by

With Halloween coming up next week, I'm sure a lot of people have been checking online video channels to find out how they should dress themselves up. I am so delighted when contacted me early October saying that they would like to do a feature on DIY Halloween Makeup and Professional Halloween Makeup. Well, makeup effects come in various stages. Of course for the professionals, products we used are mostly imported from L.A. or London, and the mixture is a little more complex. However there are various easier methods on creating wounds and nasty looking skin just by using simple materials like tissue, latex and gelatin. Well these are products Professional Makeup Artists were using ways before we started using silicone.

So in this video from, I was using gelatin and glycerine for the skin. And I use food ingredients for DIY blood. One thing I forgot to mention, in order to secure the gelatin on the skin so that it stays longer, you can seal the entire surface area, especially the edges, using eyelash glue such as DUO.

The second video features a technique used by regular professional makeup effects artist using silicone and alcohol-based products.

The full article by is available at

So here are the videos direct from Youtube. Enjoy!

Sincere thanks to Wan Munirah and for this feature!

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